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Highest Purity

Pure water consists almost entirely of H2O molecules loosely bound in a network-like structure in which individual molecules are constantly changing partners. Orgone Water Ionizer provide 4 type of Alkaline water pH 7 to pH 11 recommended drinking water is pH 8.0 to pH 9.5.
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Body Disinfectant

Orgone Filters have the highest grade of material and food grade of plastic, which does not get infected from any bacteria.
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24x7 Support

We, at Orgone Asia, have proven experience in delivering 365x24x7 Water Ionizer related services, which are quality and commitment focused, to a wide range of clientele executing a diverse range of Ionized water filter.
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Quality Certified

Orgone Water Ionizers are an imported machines from Japan & South korea use the best quality titanium plates procure from Kobe Steel Ltd, Japan and later coating with platinum. Big size of plates produce water having Negative ORP -400 to -700 ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential Water), Antioxidant, Alkaline and micro cluster properties.

Who we are...

Orgone Asia Alkaline Water Ionizers is a unit of Center Point Water Products is the official exclusive water Ionizer company. A pioneer in delivering the highest quality alkaline water ionizer machines. We ensure that our users get the best experience when use Orgone Asia products. Over the years we have worked hard to spread the word, and these days we have to turn our efforts into an efficient and diversified consumer oriented water ionizer.

Orgone water ionizers are manufactured in Japan and South Korea and annual revenue of USD 5 million is achieved by Shreya Structures Private Limited Company under the OEM brand name "OrgoneTM".

Shreya Structures Pvt. Ltd. prides itself on being a Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) based ISO 9001: 2015 certified business unit that exports, imports, steel trade, business consulting services (by Dr. Vivek Bindra), manufacturing, wholesale Is adjacent to Domestic and commercial water purification RO systems and importers of alkaline water ionizers from Japan and South Korea retail under the OEM brand name "OrgoneTM". The company operates its business from Greater Noida (West), Delhi, Mumbai, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut, Bijnor, Roorkee, Haridwar, Dehradun, Surat, Ahmedabad.

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Filtration Process

Developed by NASA for its astronauts to recycle the water consumed, reverse osmosis is an ultra-efficient water filtering system. This process can be used both on an industrial and domestic scale

Deep Cleanse & Chemical Removal

Makes Restructured Alkaline and Ionized Water without Any Chemical Use (100% natural water).

Micro Extraction & Sterlisation

Our filtration system remove very micro particles from the water, with that our filter sterilize the water.

Chlorein Disinfection For Mineral Water

Disinfection reduces pathogenic microorganisms in the water to levels designated safe by public health standards. This prevents the transmission of disease.

About Orgone Water Ionizer

Orgone water ionizers are manufactured in Japan & South Korea and import under OEM brand name “OrgoneTM ” by Shreya Structures Pvt Ltd company having annual revenue of 5 Million USD Dollar by involving in multiple businesses venture since 2011.
Orgone Asia is a unit of Shreya Structures Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to introduce itself as an ISO 9001:2015 Certifies business entity in Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh). Shreya Structures Pvt. Ltd. is also involved in the export, import, steel trading, business consultancy services(Managed by Dr.Vivek Bindra), manufacturing, wholesale & retails of domestic & commercial water purification R.O system and importer of alkaline water ionizer. Shreya Structures Company conducts, its business from more than 10 cities in India.

Our Mission

Orgone Asia Alkaline Water Ionizers a unit of center point Water products is the official exclusive water Ionizer company. The leaders in distributing highest quality alkaline water ionizer machines.We make sure that our users gain the best user experience when using Orgone Asia products.Over the past few years we’ve worked hard to spread the word, and these days we are delighted to have turned our efforts into an efficient and diverse consumer oriented water ionizer.

Our Vision

We realized from the very beginning that we had a decision to make as we set out to create the highest-quality water ionization system in the industry. Orgone Asia offer purity in water that is safe to consume and doesn’t pose danger to your overall health.

Our Company Board Member

Our Director’s armed with professional degrees and rich industry experience, each of them brings on the table positivity, passion and dedication to take the company further and higher
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